Town Business

Cost of Living

Poor inn. 5cp (the Emperor)

Standard inn 2sp (The Wild Stag, The Traveller’s Rest)
Secure inn. 5 sp (The Oaks)


Iron/day. 1sp (iron rations take up 1/2 an encumbrance slot)
Standard/day. 5cp (each standard ration takes up 1 encumbrance slot)


Guide. 14sp/ day
Labourer. 5.6/day
Linkboy. 4.2sp/day
Physician. 28sp/day

If more than 1/2 hps then heal 1+1d3hp per day of rest in town
If less then 1/2 hps then heal 1hp per day of rest in town
If attended by physician then this rate is doubled.

Ability loss heals 1/day of rest

Town Business

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