It's Grim up North

Session 3

Empty Caverns

The party rests up for a day in Greendell and then decide to return to the Weirlding caves in Tormarck’s Crags to check for treasure. They ask around town for a wealthy backer who can fund their expeditions with no success. The town’s merchants are very suspicious of the aventurers! Skailo buys a pair of fabulous new trousers. The party find a herbalist who is interested in their travels (Mr Arberworth). He will pay them in return for rare mushrooms.
The party returns to the caves and discover them empty. The magical pool is magic no longer, but it is lined with treasure. Skailo strips off, wades into the pool and salvages a few hundred silver and copper coins as well as a jeweled sword.
The party then returns to Greendell where they spend much of the night arguing about how to divy up the treasure. Skailo’s skin has gone all green and itchy and he is told by the herbalist that he may have contracted the Green Dropsy. The herbalist is very interested in seeing how the disease manifests.
The party begins to plan their next expedition . . .


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