It's Grim up North

Session 2

The Things in the Pool

The adventurers press on into the weirdling caves, searching for the merchant’s wife. They find a way down to the lower caverns and are attacked by three reanimated corpses that have been freed from a magical pool. They bravely fight and defeat the monstrosities, taking further wounds in the battle. Then the merchant’s wife is found and freed. Deciding to cut their losses the group head back the way they came and flee to the safety of the road.
The merchant rewards them for their efforts and the parties team up for the night and make camp further down the road.
By evening of the next day they adventurers have arrived in Greendell. A religious ceremony is taking place in the town and all the trees are decorated with lights and lanterns. A fair maid is carried into the Spirit Wood to become the wife of the trees. The towns people celebrate with drunkeness and riotous behavior.
Iyro and Skaila find lodgings at the Traveller’s Rest. Durnik and Sister Aileen stay at the run down and decrepit ‘Emperor’ hostel.
The party considers their options and decide to head out to investigate The Barrows in the Grey Hills and further rumours of a lost Vagrian tomb somewhere further east once they have recovered from their wounds.


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