It's Grim up North

Session 1

The Merchant's Trousers

An adventure in which our brave group of heroes Durnick, Sister Aileen, Iyro Cumber and Skaillo Varra meet a merchant with no trousers on the road to Greendell.

The merchant has been robbed by the weirdlings (evil fae-like spirits of this land). They have killed his guards and tailor, and kidnapped his wife and robbed him of his money.

The adventurers agree to return his wife and money (for a price!) and venture forth through the misty night. They encounter a trio of the weirdlings who flee into the night. The adventurers find the entrance to their lair in a cliff above the hillside. They bravely enter and are ambushed! A terrible fight ensues in the narrow tunnel and brave Durnik and Sister Aileen fight with vigor. The weirdlings are killed, the final weirdling shaman flees. The adventurers search a cavern and discover the merchants money and wares, but where is his wife? The caverns will require further exploration . . .


doppelgangdave doppelgangdave

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